Walker - Pedometer Lite

  • Version : 2.2.6
  • Release : October 6, 2014
  • Price:Free
  • Category:Health & Fitness
Screen Shot 01

This is the main screen. All functions such as pedometer, Twitter, notes, body weight, movement route log, etc. are accessed from here.

Screen Shot 03 Screen Shot 02

Pressing the START button starts the pedometer. The label ‘Detecting a Walk’ is placed to prevent miss-measurements. After certain conditions during the walk the label disappears from the screen and the steps during the measurement are added to the pedometer count.

After stopping the pedometer by pressing the STOP button, the screen can be swiped to calculate the step counts in different partitions.

Screen Shot 04

The measured data can be post to Twitter.

Screen Shot 05

You can have notifications set up for when you achieve your specified number of steps. Create a notification item using the notifications menu. Save notifications with or without sound or vibration and set up whether or not to post them to Twitter. Once you achieve your specified number of steps, it will notify you using dialogue or banners.

Screen Shot 06

This is a music player where you can listen to a playlist, artist, album, or single song.

Screen Shot 07

This is the note feature. You can use it to freely record things such as how you were feeling that day, what the weather was like, or even use it as a sort of journal.

Screen Shot 08 Screen Shot 09

This is the body weight recorder. You can record in the morning and in the evening. The recorded body weight is viewable via list or graph. You can use it to monitor a diet or for general health management.
If you swipe to the side, it will be change to record of blood pressure.

Screen Shot 11 Screen Shot 10

The route you travel can be recorded. If you set the switch on the top to “on,” the route you take between hitting the START and STOP buttons on the pedometer will be recorded.

Screen Shot 12

This is the monthly list. Walking data is controlled daily, and you can compare to the previous day’s data.

Screen Shot 13 Screen Shot 14

By tapping on each date you will be taken to a detailed view. In addition to walking data, you can also see things like your body weight, notes, and walking routes. You can also edit or delete data, or merge data in the event of multiples.

Screen Shot 16 Screen Shot 15

This is the monthly graph. If you swipe to the left or right, it will be changed to graph of the walking data or body weight or blood pressure.

Screen Shot 17

This is time period data. Data will be displayed according to the settings on the time period bar at the top.

Screen Shot 18

This is the setting. Here you can set up the pedometer’s sensitivity, your profile (weight, stride length), whether to display the number of steps with badges or not, customize graph colors, and read help.