Walker - Pedometer M7

  • Version : 2.0.9
  • Release : July 22, 2015
  • Price:Free
  • Category:Health & Fitness

The initial setting will display when the app is started. Please tap on “Finish the initial setting” once you have selected the units, height and weight.


This is main screen.
It displays the number of steps, calories and distance, allows date modification, posting in SNS, recording in the memo, recording of the body weight, body fat and blood pressure.

スクリーンショット03 スクリーンショット04

You can switch to the activity log and hourly data when swiping left and right in the main screen.


Calendar is displayed when tapping the date on the top. You can switch data of the past by selecting the date.

スクリーンショット06 スクリーンショット07

Buttons for posting in Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, recording notes, recording of blood pressure and body fat and weight is located at the bottom of the screen.

スクリーンショット08 スクリーンショット09

Menu bar will be displayed by tapping the right-upper button of the screen. You can switch to other menus from there.


This is the monthly list.
The list shows a month’s worth of walking data such as the number of steps, calorie and the distance. In addition, you can view the details by tapping on each cell.

スクリーンショット12 スクリーンショット13

This is the monthly graph.
Walking data for one month will be displayed in the graph. And also, you can switch the graph to blood pressure and body fat and weight by swiping left or right on the screen.


This is the period-specific data.
You can confirm the detailed walking data weekly, monthly or yearly and the number of steps by day of the week.

スクリーンショット16 スクリーンショット15

This is the map menu.
It will start tracking your travel route through GPS by switching on the lower-part switch. Moreover, map customization screen will appear by tapping the setting icon at bottom-right part of the screen.

スクリーンショット17 スクリーンショット18

This is the world ranking that utilized the IOS standard feature Game Center.
The signin screen will be displayed once you tap on “Take part in rankings”. Enter you Apple ID and password if you have one and proceed with the signin. You can create a new account if you do not have an Apple ID.


This is the setting menu.
You can perform passcode lock, units selection, body information setup, background customization, browse the help section, purchase with in-app (remove ads), and confirm app information.